Loose Eye Shadow (7 more colors)

Butter Soft Beauty

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Butter Soft Beauty Loose Eyeshadow

Our Loose Eyeshadows are Natural, sparkly and beautifully pigmented. 

More Info:

0.17 oz

Chalcedony (Pale Lavender); Aquamarine (Light Green-Blue); Jade (Light Yellow-Green); Lemon Quartz  (Pale Yellow); Smoky Quartz (Gray-Brown); Rose Quartz (Light Pink); Mother-of-Pearl (Translucent-Pearly White); Hematite (Dark Gray)

Ingredients: Iron Oxides, Mica Pigments, and/or ammonium manganese(III) pyrophosphate, Magnesium Myristate

*We encourage you to test a small amount on your skin at first. Although we use natural ingredients, you never know what you may react to. Please read the ingredients carefully before purchasing.

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